About Us

The “RLB” In RLB Coach stands for Real Life Business

No matter what you do in life, there are components of business involved. 

RLB Coach will prepare one to apply practical skills to approach any person, group, business or situation in a confident and well - prepared manner.  

Let RLB Coach aid in your journey towards becoming the best you can be to lead to a happy and fulfilled life with succeed in all your personal and business endeavors.

The Power Of One

History has shown that a single person can  accomplish astonishing feats. Whether it's Clara Barton starting the Red Cross or Dashrath Manhji, a man who single-handedly carved a road through a mountain with just a hammer and chisel, the power to accomplish great feats lie within us all. 

The Power of One is the ability to accomplish great feats and succeed emotionally, mentally and physically through the power of inner strength.

RLB Coach will aid in your journey down the path in life towards becoming the best "One" you can be to  lead to a happy and fulfilled life. 

Is it time to start your journey and find your answers?

The 5 "W"s of RLB Coach


Russell  L. Bland is the creator and driving force behind RLB Coach. Russell  has a passion and credentials to help solve difficult situations in  business and life and can best be described as a Change Agent. Russell  has several degrees and certifications in the pharmaceutical sciences,  business, management and life coaching which combined make up the  perfect qualifications of being a Change Agent. Russell is also involved  in various other positions and organizations where he carries titles  such as Coach, Counselor, Leader, and Scholar.     


RLB  Coach was created with one goal in mind. This goal is to “Help You Achieve The Change You Want To See In Yourself In Order To Reach Your Goal”.   


Life  is not lived in an office, so why should your coaching be  restricted to one. 

RLB Coach can occur in a variety of environments,  based on preference and convenience, including your business center / place of business, private settings, public settings, on a walk and  talk, as well as tele-session via Skype or telephone. These options all have the same goal in mind to help you be in a comfortable setting which helps you relax and communicate openly.

Life is too short to go through being unhappy either professionally in your career or emotionally in your life. Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and make the best out of each and every day.


Coaching  schedules can be custom tailored to meet both schedule and situational  parameters. Coaching sessions can be done on a one time basis, weekly  basis or multiple / reoccurring basis based on your goals and ambitions.

Credentials and Ethics



  • Certified in Life Coaching
  • Certified in Change Management
  • Certified in Six Sigma Lean Profession 
  • Executive MBA 
  • Bachelors Degree – Pharmacology
  • Bachelors Degree – Toxicology     


  • Scout Leader 
  • Sports League Coordinator 
  • Sports Coach 
  • Masonic Scholar
  • Mentor 
  • Counselor
  • Ordained Minister     

Ethical Code of Conduct 

At  Real Life Business Coaching we adhere to a strict level of  Professionalism and Ethical Code of Conduct. Our Professionalism and  Ethical Code of Conduct is composed of three (3) major elements which  consist of:

1. Confidentiality 

2. Integrity and Honesty

3. Transparency

A detailed explanation of these components can be supplied by request.