Life Coaching

What Can A Life Coach Do For Me?

There is only one way to change your life and that begins within oneself.  

RLB Life Coaching will help you mine the tools needed to help one make their desired changes in order to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

 Always Remember

Your Life Has Purpose 

Your Story Is Important 

Your Dreams Count 

Your Voice Matters 

You Were Born To Make An Impact  

L.I.F.E System

RLB Life Coaching is able to assist one visualize, actualize and make the changes needed to make their goal come to fruition. Through the L.I.F.E System, one will be able to visually see the progression towards their personal goal by tracking the changes they see in themselves on a regular basis. This tracking of results, will aid in giving one the momentum needed to push harder, act bolder and be stronger to accomplish anything they desire.  

 L - Love  

    I - Invest  

      F - Fail   

         E - Excel  

Difference Between A Life Coach And Therapist

While a Life Coach and a Therapist both want to help improve their client’s life, there are several differentiators between a Life Coach and a Therapist. A Life Coach helps focus on the current situation and the future of each client. Life Coaches do not represent themselves as a Psychotherapist and is not qualified to diagnose or treat mental issues. Life Coaches help their clients establish measurable goals, create action plans and break them down into achievable steps. The progress with a Life Coach usually is rapid and the whole process of enjoyable.