Life grants each individual the opportunity to learn millions of concepts, ideas and topics.

Unfortunately,  in today's structured educational system, these millions of concepts, ideas and topics are streamlined and made to fit in a handful of buckets.

At RLB Education Academy, you will learn the missing concepts, ideas and topics, not  conventionally taught in current educational system. This will give the  competitive edge to give you the knowledge and confidence to help you excel in the world.

At the RLB Education Academy  students will learn the important topics in a practical manner to succeed in  life regardless of what your future holds. Whether you are going to  college, joining the military, starting your own business or working in a  corporate setting, everything you learn at the RLB Education Academy will apply in every aspect of your life

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to  change. - Charles Darwin 

What We Do

At the RLB Education Academy the  learning process and student empowerment begins immediately.  Differentiating ourselves from most traditional preparatory schools  which require a rigorous educational, non-practical curriculum, which  very rarely applies to a student's future, RLB Education Academy immediately begins preparing students for important life decisions.

Students will make their own important educational and  hands-on life decision by choosing the as many or as few courses in  which they would like to participate. This systematic process empowers  the student to select courses they are truly interested in, in turn  increasing their understanding and retention of the educational material  and learned skill sets and ultimately growing their confidence to take  on the world without fear or hesitation. With a solid education and  finely tuned complementary skill set, students will be equipped to  utilize these winning strategies throughout multiple time points in  their life to achieve their goals.

Who We Are

Russell  Bland MBA is a highly respected and regarded thought leader  specializing in change management, process improvement and effective  strategic business practices. Throughout his career he has helped  transform several companies to become efficient, process driven  organizations which have gone on to be sold for a lucrative sum.

With a passion for business, an educational foundation  rooted in mechanisms of actions, in-depth analysis, process  improvements, change management, marketing, management and business  development and a successful real life experience track record, Russell  Bland MBA has the honed skills to instruct and share the secrets of  success.


Character Development

A firm handshake, good posture and the ability to look  someone in the eyes says a lot about a person's confidence. This is the  type of skills skill which will be explained, taught, practiced and  honed to perfection.


 With clear and concise communication you can effectively convey your  message and take one step closer to your goal. Clear, coherent  communication is an essential to effectively express your ideas and to  address the needs of your audience. 

Time Management

A common trait of the most successful people in this world is the  ability to arise early from bed and start their day. This trait has to  do with multiple factors including one’s own motivation and a sense of  control over their own mind when it’s telling them to stay in bed. When  you own the clock, instead of the clock owning you, you can accomplish  your daily goals and earn your ranks of some of the most productive  people in history from Benjamin Franklin to Richard Branson. 



Money, Money, Money, Money..... Every person in every  situation in life needs to know a basic understanding of finance  including how to earn it, what to do with it once you earn it and how to  make it work for you in order to make more to eventually gain financial  independence.

Sales and Marketing

No matter what you do in life you will always be in a position where you  need to sell and or market your skill set. You will learn the skills  and confidence to have your "client" base but into you and your message  no matter what you are selling. 

Document Creation

Whether you are writing  a college acceptance letter,  a resume or CV , a  business plan, a proposal or an email, these all need to be constructed  in a manner that is well thought out and conveys an effective message. 


At the RLB Education Academy you  can choose to take all the offered courses to understand the whole  picture, just one course to work on a particular skill or a combination  of classes that fit your learning desire and interest. 


In addition to the knowledge gained in the lecture series, each course  will have a series of interactive practicals in which the student will  have an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real life situational  setting. The students will be coached and guided in the first round of  practicals and then on their own to experience real life situations in  subsequent rounds. 

Several practicals include, but are not limited to:

  • Interviews
  • Sales Calls
  • In-person Sales Meeting
  • ​Interactive Strategy Meetings
  • Proposal Presentations
  • Employer / Employee Meetings